SERPANTINAS GROUP a dynamic and constantly growing group of companies engaged in wholesale and retail sales and including the following companies established and successfully operating in Lithuania, Latvia:

  • UAB Serpantinas – in Lithuania, with affiliates in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys and Mažeikiai;
  • UAB Serpantino Paslaugos – in Panevėžys, Lithuania;
  • SIA Serpantins (SIA Serpantīns) – in Latvia with affiliates in Riga and Daugavpils;
  • SIA Elektrodi (SIA Elektrodi) – in Liepaja, Latvia;
  • ZAO Serpantinas (ЗАО «Серпантинас») – in Russia, Kaliningrad area;
  • OOO Evrotechnika (ООО «Евротехника») – in Russia, with affiliates in Sochi and Krasnodar;
  • OOO Baltsvarka grup (ООО «Балтсварка групп») – in Minsk, Belarus.

Since their establishment, companies of the SERPANTINAS GROUP have been effectively cooperating with the world-renowned companies ESAB, 3M, KOIKE, Globe, Gen Set, Harris, Binzel, Mark etc. and acting as their official representatives.

During 20 successful years in business, companies belonging to the SERPANTINAS GROUP became leaders of the welding market in their countries.

We are selling equipment and consumables for metal welding and processing:

  • Welding and cutting equipment, consumables and accessories;
  • Power, welding and marine generators;
  • Stationary and portable air compressors;
  • Cutting and grinding tools;
  • Power, battery-operated and pneumatic tools;
  • Air treatment, cooling and conditioning equipment;
  • Personal protective equipment.

The SERPANTINAS GROUP employs about 100 experienced specialists who are professionals of their trade, equipment and materials and always ready to replace the problems with solutions.

Company particulars:

Address: Smėlynės g. 112, LT-35113 Panevėžys
Company number: 302796175
Tel. +370 45 508185
Fax +370 45 596403