Historical facts:

1992 - UAB SERPANTINAS started its operations.

1994 - an affiliate of UAB SERPANTINAS was established in Vilnius.

1996 - subsidiary SIA SERPANTINS was founded in Riga, Latvia.

19 April 1995 - an agreement was signed with ESAB International AB (Sweden) – the world’s largest manufacturer of welding equipment and consumables. UAB SERPANTINAS became an official representative of ESAB.

1995 - an affiliate of UAB SERPANTINAS was established in Kaunas.

1997 - affiliates of SERPANTINAS were opened in Klaipėda and Šiauliai.

June 1997 - a service provision company UAB SERPANTINO PASLAUGOS was established.

November 2000 - anadministrative – commercial centre was opened in Panevėžys.

March 2001 - appearance of the first number of magazine SUVIRINIMAS (WELDING).

October 2005 - to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of its operations, Kaunas affiliate of UAB SERPANTINAS moved to new premises at Elektrėnų g. 1s. November 2006 – launching of the affiliate of UAB SERPANTINAS in Mažeikiai.

Autumn 2006 - a representative office of the subsidiary SIA SERPANTINS commenced its operations in Daugavpils.

May 2008 - Šiauliai affiliate of UAB SERPANTINAS moved into new premises at Pramonės g. 12A

June 2008 - launching of the modern logistics centre of UAB SERPANTINAS in Panevėžys, Smėlynės g. 112.

July 2008 - Vilnius affiliate of UAB SERPANTINAS relocated into new premises at Savanorių pr. 174 A, nearby the Judesta Auto - Centre.

March 2009 - following a lengthier break, an updated version of SUVIRINIMAS magazine about welding technologies andindustry was published.

Autumn 2009 - seeking to lighten the burden of crisis on industrial companies, implementation of the unique initiative - mobile exhibition DEMO TOUR - was started. The exhibition travelling through Lithuania and neighbouring countries helps to replace the arising problems with effective solutions.

2009 - the first catalogue of SERPANTINAS PRODUCTS was issued containing the products of the most popular groups. The catalogue was published in the Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.

2010 - the ninth number of SUVIRINIMAS magazine about welding technologies and industry was issued.

2011 - all subsidiaries were joined into SERPANTINAS GROUP (Serpantinas group of companies) and currently the group of companies consists of seven enterprises from Lithuania, Latvia.

2011 - the second catalogue of SERPANTINAS GROUP PRODUCTS was issued. The publication was supplemented withnew products as well as their descriptions and technical data. The catalogue was published in the Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.

2012 - 20 year anniversary of UAB SERPANTINAS operations.

2013 - the tenth number of SUVIRINIMAS magazine about welding technologies and industry was issued.



In order to provide faster and more effective service to affiliates, subsidiaries and customers and to properly represent the suppliers, in 2008 we opened a new and modern logistics centre in Panevėžys.

In the centre fitted out in accordance with the up-to-date requirements, the employees can carry out the tasks more rationally and faster. Cantilever racks were installed for non-standard and heavy goods as well as modern lifting and stacking equipment. The processes at the new logistics centre are expedited by the installed modern warehouse management system.

In 2008-2010, affiliates of SERPANTINAS group of companies in Vilnius, Šiauliai and Liepaja moved into new, more spacious and modern premises.

In 2008, the company opened a new sales division in Kaliningradarea. The spacious and modern premises correspond to the most recent business standards. There is a broad assortment of products offered, a customer recuperation area and a large parking lot fitted out.


SERPANTINAS products catalogue

With the assortment and customer circle rapidly expanding, we issued a comprehensive catalogue of products presenting the products of the most popular groups. The publication reviewing the most recent market trends and news of partners is updated once per year. The product catalogue has been published in the Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian and English languages.


Community involvement

UAB SERPANTINAS is a socially responsible company. It is a frequent sponsor of sports teams, culture and sports events, and children homes. Together with artists and children, it participates in educational projects.