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ESAB manufacturer delivers the latest news, which is designed for welding and cutting professionals. We present you new equipment from ESAB - semi-automates Warrior ESAB 400i / 500i plasma cutting equipment ESAB Powercut 400/700, ESAB welding shields and glasses Warrior Tech ESAB Aristo Spec.

ESAB semiautomatic Warrior 400i / 500i CC/CV

  • Multi-Process – including MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, Live TIG and Arc
        Gouging gives you the flexibility at work: - Flux-Cored and Solid wire,
        0.8 -1.6 mm. - Carbon Arc Gouging up to 9.5 mm (3/8 in.). - 6010
        (cellulosic) capability.
  • High Duty cycle – For long runs and various applications giving high
  • Durable and rugged – IP23 rating for outdoor and indoor use in rough
  • Easy to use – Simple and clear user interface for everyone to get
        started quickly.
  • Robust and ergonomic handles – Also for mechanical lifting.
  • Sun friendly display – easy to read outdoor.
  • Inverter technology – Smaller, lighter and less energy cost, gives you
        value for money.
  • Generator compatible – For flexible use in different job sites.
  • Automatic Hot Start/Variable Arc Control – To support your different
  • Wide input voltage range to support regional requirements.

For more information about ESAB semiautomatic Warrior 400i / 500i you can view and download here: ESAB Warrior 400i / 500i.pdf


ESAB PowerCut™ 400 Plasmarc Cutting Package

The PowerCut™ plasma cutting package will take whatever you throw at it – and ask for more. Designed with ESAB Plasmarc technology, PowerCut machines are more powerful and durable than any other machine in their class. They also make plasma cutting easier and more economical – delivering reliability, high production, and a wide variety of performance features.

With design features that simplify operations, reduce set-up time and enhance consumable life, PowerCut packages let you spend less time troubleshooting and more time cutting. And with the additions of the 400 and 700 to the PowerCut Series the most rugged machines in the industry are more versatile and accessible than ever.


0700 210 880 Powercut 400 / 1ph
- Manually cuts 10mm
- Severs 12 mm

0700 210 881 Powercut 700 / 3ph
- Manually cuts 16mm
- Severs 20 mm


For more information about ESAB PowerCut™400 and 700 Plasmarc Cutting Package you can view and download here:
ESAB Powercut 400 .pdf , ESAB Powercut 700 .pdf


The WARRIOR™ Tech helmet - designed to meet the needs of all welders providing a high tech, lightweight helmet protecting from dangerous UV/IR radiation as well as both heat and spatter. The WARRIOR™ Tech’s 9-13 shade auto darkening filter (ADF) lens offers the user optimal viewing clarity and an excellent optical quality whilst the shell gives the safety of a “B” grade impact rating.

 New ergonomically designed head band – for greater comfort

  • Adjustable parietal band
  • Longitudinal adjustment
  • Enhanced comfort
  • 5 point rake adjustment
  • adjustable push ratchet


For more information about ESAB WARRIOR™ Tech you can view and download here:  ESAB WARRIOR Tech.pdf

Aristo Spectacle

ESAB’s safety eye wear combines the highest standards of safety and eye protection with excellent features for wearer comfort. This ensures that the eyes are optimally protected during operations. All ESAB spectacles use a Polycarbonate providing protection against impact as well as UV rays, IR rays and visible glare.

The Aristo Spec range of safety spectacles combine a high degree of comfort and protection to the user, whilst offering useful features like Anti Fog and Anti Scratch coating. Available in clear and smoked lens configurations, with the highest optical class.


For more information about ESAB Aristo spectacles you can view and download here: ESAB Aristo Spec.pdf




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